Dentsply DeguDent in:joy 8 Colours Assortment - 1 assortment
Light-curing, for the manufacturing of high-quality, aesthetic veneers on metal and metal-free frames. The material has extraordinary physical properties and enables an exact colour reproduction even with unfavorable space availability.
  • Outstanding aesthetics;
  • Excellent reproduction of colours;
  • Fast and easy to process;
  • Optimal processing time;
  • Resistant against plaque and discolouration;
  • No potential tensions due to high elasticity.
  • Veneering of metal-supported crowns and bridges;
  • Veneering of telescopic and interlock works;
  • Implant suprastructures;
  • Anterior and posterior crowns without metal support;
  • Inlays, onlays, veneers.
Physical data:
    tensile strength 90 N/mm²; modulus of elasticity 5000 N/mm²; abrasion resistance 0.2 mm³; water solubility 1.0 µg/mm³.
8 colours assortment:
    1 functional opaque 3 g;
    9 opaque (A1-A3.5, B2, B3, C3, D3, pink) 3 g each;
    4 cervical modifier (extra light, light, medium, dark) 3 g each;
    8 dentine (A1-A3.5, B2, B3, C3, D3) 3 g each;
    3 incisal (soft, medium, intensive) 3 g each;
    4 transpa accent (neutral, ocean, caramel, white) 3 g each;
    1 gingiva 3 g;
    10 stains (white, ocean, ochre, dark orange, orange, pink, chocolate, black, clear, clear flow) 3 g each;
    1 modelling liquid 4 ml;
    1 separating agent 10 g;
 921.00 €

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