Eschenbach Stereo Zoom Microscope - 1 piece
With stand, episcopic and diascopic illumination.
Technical data:
    230 V, 50/60 Hz; stereo-head 45° oblique vision; magnification 6.7-45x; zoom 1 : 6.7; pupillary distance adjustable from 54-75 mm; wide-field eyepieces 10x/22 mm, dioptre adjustment; lens 0.67-4.5x; working distance 105 mm; object tray made of plastic, black-white, for reflected light; object tray made of glass, frosted, for transmitted light; LED reflector light, brightness variably adjustable; LED transmitting light fixed mounting, brightness variably adjustable.
Delivery includes:
    stereo zoom microscope complete with stand; wide-field eyepieces; 2 eyepiece cups; lens; one object tray made of plastic and glass each; LED reflector light; power cable and dust cover.
 937.00 €

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