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Dentsply DeguDent Celtra Ceram Trial Kit Veneering Porcelain - 1 set
Low-melting, leucite-reinforced feldspar porcelain for restorations made from ZrO₂-reinforced lithium silicate ceramic like Celtra Press as well as lithium disilicate. In addition compatible with ZrO₂ including Cercon ht and Cercon xt.
  • Highly aesthetic veneer with lively and lifelike appearance;
  • Optimised for adhesion to Celtra Press and lithium-disilicate – no wash firing required;
  • Stable and durable result also after several firings;
  • High colour fidelity.
Physical data:
    CTE 9.0 ± 0.5 x 10⁻⁶K⁻¹ (25-500 °C); firing temperature 770 °C (1st dentine); glass transition temperature 520 °C; flexural strength (3-point bending test) 108 N/mm²; chemical solubility 28 µg/cm².
Trial kit:
    2 dentine (A2, A3) 15 g each;
    3 enamel (E1, E2, E4) 15 g each;
    1 add-on correction 15 g;
    1 universal overglaze (High Flu) 5 g;
    1 stain and glaze liquid 15 ml;
    1 universal modelling liquid DU 15 ml.
 199.50 €

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