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FINO QUICK PLUS Model System - 1 assortment
For the fast, precise, economic and ergonomic production of optimum saw models in the crown and bridge technique. Highly precise, reusable, with integrated magnet. Drilling of pin holes, placing of pins and production of a split cast are not required.
  • Requires approx. 70 % less time compared to the production of a saw model with plaster base;
  • Less expansion components;
  • Parallel lift off of the tooth arch with a specific remover;
  • Three-point support of the individual segments;
  • Economisation by available split cast.
Intro set:
    3 pin base plates, small; 2 pin base plates, large; 2 rubber sleeves, small; 1 rubber sleeve, large; 3 archiving plates, small; 2 archiving plates, large; 1 detaching tool with top small and large and 100 ml separating agent.
  102.00 € 91.80 €

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