Renfert Geo Expert Wax Set, English - 1 set
According to the philosophy of August Bruguera. To produce monolithic, diagnostic and aesthetic wax-ups of single-unit and bridge restorations.
  • Guideline for simple implementation of natural tooth shapes and shades;
  • Modelling and effect wax with outstanding modelling and shaping characteristics for fast and clean modelling of a wax-up;
  • Balanced flow and solidification time as well as optimum rigidity for precise modelling of even the finest structures such as cusps and mamelons.
Delivery includes:
    4 modelling waxes (sculpture transparent, dentine opaque, enamel transparent, translucent transparent) 40 g each; 4 effect waxes (white transparent, orange transparent, blue transparent, brown transparent) 4 g each; design stand with transparent lid and guideline according to August Bruguera.

guideline English
 97.40 €

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