FINO SARIUS CLASSIC Sandblasting Unit - 1 piece
For the safe removal of e.g. investment material residues, oxides from cast parts, dirt and for surface treatment. With two blasting tanks, 25-70 µm and 70-250 µm. With connection for external extraction.
  • Precise processing;
  • With LED illuminated blasting chamber;
  • Low consumption of blasting agent;
  • Tank selector inside the blasting chamber;
  • Long service-life of the blasting nozzles due to IT tungsten carbide.
Technical data:
    35.5 x 41.5 x 27.0 cm; 220-240 V, 50/60 Hz; consumption 16 W; volume of blasting chamber 14 l; volume of blasting tank 1000 ml; compressed air connection 5-8 bar; working pressure 1-8 bar; air consumption 98 l/min at 6 bar; extraction nozzle intrenal ø 35 mm, external 40 mm; compressed air hose internal ø 4 mm, external 6 mm; cable length approx. 2 m; 6.5 kg.
Delivery includes:
    FINO SARIUS CLASSIC complete with 2 blasting tanks; 2 blasting pens; 2 blasting nozzles; foot switch; connection set; LED light; power cable and sample of blasting agent.
 881.00 €

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