Dürr Dental MD 520 Impression Disinfection - 2500 ml
Formaldehyde-free ready-to-use solution for the disinfection and cleaning of impressions, prosthetic work, corrosion-free articulators etc.
  • Increased precision of master casts made of plaster due to excellent cleaning effect;
  • Applicable for alginates, silicones, polyether, hydrocolloides, polysulfides;
  • No affect on the dimensional stability or plaster compatibility;
  • VAH list, ÖGHMP directory, IHO List of Virucidal Products;
  • Effective action spectrum: bactericide, tuberculocide, yeasticidal, virucide (incl. vaccinia viruses, HBV, HCV, HIV, adenoviruses, noroviruses, polioviruses);
  • Effective agent basis: aldehydes and quaternary ammonium compounds.

2500 ml
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