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Thank you for your interest in products from DT&SHOP.
We regret to inform you that for regulatory reasons we do not deliver to the United States until further notice.
Thank you for your understanding.

Technical services

Complaint - Return

  1. If you return merchandise without calling our service centre it may result in unnecessary costs for you. To ensure this does not happen simply call our service centre.
  2. Please attach a copy of the invoice/return slip with a description of why you are returning the merchandise. If you fail to do this then you will be responsible for any costs, which occur due to the missing documents.
  3. It is not always necessary to return the merchandise. When possible we can send you replacement parts.

In case of transport-related damages

  1. Leave the unused merchandise in the packaging.
  2. Report the damage to the carrier and request the following required documents.
  3. Call our service centre and report the incident.
  4. Do not, under any circumstances, send back damaged merchandise before you have contacted our service centre.

Quality management

Do you have suggestions for improvement, claims or specific requests?

We are happy to answer to your personal requests at 00800 22 55 55 22. What is moving you will make us move too. If you give us feedback we can improve our service for you.